Reduced OD Sub

Reduced Section Sub is used to connect drill stem members that have different diameters that warrant the cross sectional change necessary to accommodate different connections.

This sub would be used to crossover large OD Drilling tools or a tapered drill collar string. The applications can be classified as:

  • Kelly sub.
  • Drill collar sub.
  • Tool joint sub.
  • Bit sub.
  • Cross over sub.

Ordering information

  • Type of Sub.
  • Length between shoulders.
  • Largest diameter (Max. O.D.).
  • Bore (I.D.).
  • Indicate Pin/Box Connection type, size and feature (e.g. SRG, Bore-back).
  • Special features i.e. float bore.
  • For Lift Subs specify tapered or square shoulder and drill pipe OD