General Services

General Fabrication & Services

Premium Services

Exact Fabrication Services have been qualified to manufacture the following DPM premium connections. We meet all technical, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Qualification Requirements to manufacture the connections.

  • DPM-DS Connections
  • DPM-ST Connections
  • DPM- HT Connections


Authorized repair facility (ARF for M&M)

Exact Fabrication Services is the only authorized repair facility in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to repair M&M valves. We do repair for the below Valves.

  • Canister Guard Safety Valve
  • IBOP Valves
  • One Piece Kelly Valve
  • Two Piece Kelly Valve
  • Well Control Valve


  • EFS General Services

Exact Fabrication Services provide servicing for oil & Gas and General Engineering Fabrications and specialized in fabrication services with experienced & reliable workforce.

  • Casing head support units (CHSU)
  • Bit Breakers
  • Bit Ring Gauges
  • Pad Eyes
  • Pipe Racks
  • BOP Skids
  • Degasser Tanks
  • Drill Collar / Reamer stub Welding

Casing Head Support Unit(CHSU)

We fabricate Casing Head Support Units ranging from 13-3/8” to 34” as per customer requirements.


Bit Breaker

We fabricate Bit Breakers ranging from 3-7/8” to 34”

Pad Eyes

We fabricate Pad Eyes according to customer’s requirements which can with stand load from 1T to 120T.

Bit Ring Gauge

We do fabricate ring gauge ranging from 3-5/8” to 34”

Drill Collar / Reamer Stub Welding

This is a repair technique of lengthening Drill Collar or Reamer by Stub-Welding on the ends, often referred to as “stubbing” and this is done by arc welding process

BOP Skids & Degasser Tanks

We can fabricate Bop Skids, Degasser Tanks, Pipe Stands/Racks or any other fabrication works according to customer design & requirements. The fabricated structures are subjected to:

  • Load tests
  • MPI inspection