API Services

API Product Repair/Remanufacture /Recertification Services

  • API 5CT

Exact Fabrication Services do threading for the below products, inspects using appropriate instruments and finally performs Zinc Phosphating before delivering to the customer.

  • Manufacturer of Casing or Tubing Pup Joints.
  • Threaded Cross Overs & Connectors.


  • API 6A and 16A

Exact Fabrication Services provides full & complete machining, CRA overlay, welding, heat treatment and other manufacturing operations necessary to repair/recertify the customer equipment to usable condition.

  • Adapter & Spacer Spools.
  • Cross-Over Connections.
  • Tees & Crosses Flanged Connectors.
  • Other End Connectors.
  • Threaded Connectors.
  • Adapters & Drilling Spools.


  • API 7-1

Exact Fabrication Services do the manufacture and repair for the below Products.        

  • Manufacture
    • Drill Stem Subs
    • Cross Overs
    • Bit Subs.
    • Float Subs
    • Lifting Subs.
  • Repair
    • Drill Collar.
    • Drill Pipes
    • Drill Stem Subs.

After completion of all gauging and inspection, Zinc Phosphating is applied on threads and seals of all magnetic tools to have maximum protection against corrosion and galling.