API Product Repair / Re-manufacture / Re-certification Services

We are authorized to do repair and threading services on all magnetic & nonmagnetic drill collars, drill pipes, heavy weight drill pipes, square & hex Kelly’s, drill stem subs , hole openers, reamers, stabilizers , test plugs & other accessories. Complex threading repair is the specialty of Al Rashed EFS.
Al Rashed’s modern CNC machine shop along with a work force of experienced machinists use a proven and the best updated threading process that includes in-house inspection with specialty gauges and testing procedures to ensure precise threads and to meet close tolerances. After completion of all gauging and inspection zinc Phosphating is applied on threads and seals of all magnetic tools to have maximum protection against corrosion and galling.

We do threading service for the below Rotary Shoulder Connections Size & Style:
Regular Connection (2-3/8” – 8-5/8” REG ) ; Internal Flush (2-3/8” – 6-5/8” IF );Full Hole connection (3-1/2” to 6-5/8” FH); H- 90 (3-1/2” to 7-5/8”) ; PAC (2-3/8” to 2-7/8 “ ) & Numbered connection .

Al Rashed EFS offers complete repair and remanufacturing services on all products manufactured by Al Rashed EFS or similar products manufactured by other manufacturer. The machine shop has all the machineries, facilities and amenities like 12m. bed length lathes, 52” chuck lathes with 20” spindle hollows and a big horizontal borer to name just a few of the special capabilities to carry out these tasks. All repairs are performed according to API specification and repair services include disassembly, inspection, reassembly, testing and parts replacements.

Al Rashed EFS’ remanufacturing services are offered for Well-Head Equipments & Drill-Through Equipments like Spacer Spool, Loose Connectors, Adaptors, Studded Tees and Cross, Diverter Spool, Chokeline Manifold, Hardline Spool, etc. in addition to disassembly, inspection, reassembly and testing services.

Al Rashed EFS provides full & complete machining, CRA overlay, welding, heat treatment and other manufacturing operations necessary to repair/recertify the customer equipment to usable condition.

Recertification includes disassembly, cleaning, visual inspection, re-assembly with new parts wherever required, dimensional inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), hardness test & hydrostatic pressure tests (up to 30,000 p.s.i.) to ensure that all the recertified products meet API standard requirements.

Document packages are also provided on request and include inspection report, Non destructive examination (NDE) report and hydro test chart.

Al Rashed EFS does threading for Short Round Casing (STC), Long Round Casing (LTC) & Buttress Thread Casing (BTC) on all API 5CT designated Casings ranging from 4-1/2” to 18-5/8” diameters.

Al Rashed EFS does threading for all API 5CT external upset (EU) & non upset (NU) end threads on all API 5CT designated tubing’s ranging from 2-3/8” to 4-1/2” diameters.