Inspection & Quality Services

Exact Fabrication services has a well-equipped Quality control Laboratory and Gauge room with modern inspection and testing means to provide high quality value added products and services to customers. All raw materials and products are thoroughly inspected for their conformity to the standard requirements.

Our Inspection & Testing service which includes:

  1. Nondestructive Testing (NDT) which includes
    • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) (Visible /Wet Flour cent)
    • Penetrant Testing (PT) (Visible)
    • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)(Straight & Angle Beam)
    • Radiography Testing (RT) (Third Party Service)
    • Visual Testing (VT).
  2. Hardness testing
    • Brinell Hardness testing
    • Portable Hardness testing
  3. Thread Inspection
    • API (RSC) Rotary Should Connection
    • API Casing & Tubing Thread Inspection
    • Premium Thread Inspections (DPM )
    • ASME /ACME thread Inspection
    • Mic trac -MRP /Ovality Inspection
  4. Dimensional & visual Inspection
    • API 6A Well head & Tree Equipment’s
    • API 16A Drill through Equipment’s
    • API 7-1 Drill stem Elements
    • API 5CT Casing and tubing
    • OEM/Premium products
  5. Functional inspection & testing
    • Hydro static Body Testing ( up to 30,000PSI)
    • Hydro static Seat Testing
    • Nitrogen Gas Testing ( up to 22,500PSI)
    • Leak Testing
    • Drift Inspection
  6. Welding visual Inspection
  7. Post Weld Heat treatment (PWHT) Inspection
  8. Phosphating (zinc) titration inspection
  9. Painting /Coating Inspection
  10. Load Testing (Third Party Service).

All the Non-Destructive Testing is carried out in house by NDT level II Qualified personnel’s and approved by ASNT NDT Level 3 .

All the API working gauges, measuring instruments and testing equipment are calibrated as per periodicity set forth by the company for their effective utilization and systematically documented & audited for further verification.